Dag 5 (27/7) – autopilot back online 👍 – very good service!

Yesterday at 8 pm I got the new instruments delivered by the harbour captian Fernando.

Fernando and his team has been enormously  helpful by talking to his supplier about what we need, asking for fast delivery, and last but certainly not least picking up the items in La Coruna (being there on a privet trip on his day of!) yesterday afternoon and bringing it to me in Marina Viveiro.

Further more I ordered a 6 m SetalkNG spur cable (to be on the save side) but that one was not available in stock so he brought back an option of different cables and connections in order to completed the installation in case the 3 m cable supplied was too short. Very good thinking! As it turned out the 3 m one was long enough.

It would be very nice if this level of helpfulness existed everywhere.

We installed all 3 instrument and it’s now working fine again!


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  1. It has been a pleasure, Jan, to have you here at Marina Viveiro. Personally I want to thank you for having dedicated a mention to your blog, and I want to wish you a good navigation. Good winds